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Amazing Formulas Odor Free Garlic 400 Mg 120 Tablets

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Amazing Formulas Odor Free Garlic

Amazing Formulas Garlic Supplement – Each Tablet Equivalent To 400 Mg of Pure Garlic Oil - Odorless Garlic Tablet- Best Choice To Support Cardiovascular Health, Immune Health And Digestive Health * 400 Mg 120 Tablet 

* A NATURAL SOURCE OF GARLIC Our garlic supplement is 100% natural giving you the benefits of garlic allicin and other garlic nutrients without any preservatives or artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors

* VERSATILE BENEFITS The quality and potency of our garlic supplement make it a great choice to support a healthy heart, healthy digestion, healthy Immune system etc.

* MADE IN THE USA To ensure that Amazing Formulas is the best garlic supplement on the market, we only manufacture it in the USA at a factory that is fully GMP certified

* IDEAL FOR MOST DIET PLANS Our soft gels are free of sugar, starch, milk, lactose, yeast, fish, sodium, gluten, and wheat

A staple of Italian cooking, garlic is an herb that's commonly found in kitchens but also been used in natural remedies since Ancient Egypt. Studies suggest that allicin, a natural chemical found inside of garlic and certain sulfuric compounds in the herb may have many potential benefits for the body.


Free of sodium that can exacerbate hypertension, our formula is the ideal choice of garlic to support a healthy cardiovascular system.