It is Monday morning at 6am and you have just about an hour or so to workout before you have to leave to work. Your room is dark and your eyes are tired, leading you to stay in bed for an extra minute or two as you build up the courage to place your feet on the cold floor. As you lay there you question whether it is worth it to evenexercise or if you would be better off remaining in bed to get those extra hours of sleep that you crave. Despite your sleepy doubts, it’s always worth it to start your day with physical activity. Not only will your confidence skyrocket, but you also will have accomplished making it through a training session before most people even wake up! It’s not easy waking up early, so to combat the difficulties that come with getting out of bed early, we’re here to let you in on tried and proven tips for working out in the am!

1. Envision waking up early, working out, and actually enjoying it.

Take a few minutes before going to sleep and visualize yourself waking up when your alarm goes off, feeling well rested, energized, and motivated to have a phenomenal workout.

2. Ensure your morning is seamless and quick.

In order to have the best workout possible you must strive to make your morning as effortless as possible. Laying out workout clothes, placing your shoes in a convenient spot, and having a water bottle ready the night before can all contribute to making this process substantially easier.

3. Do what is necessary to wake up.

Set your alarm clock on the other side of your room from your bed so that you must leave your bed to shut it off. Once you have left your bed turn on the lights and blast some upbeat music. It is critical to do a short warm-up before you begin your workout so that you raise your blood pressure and stretch out your muscles to minimize the potential for aches and pains.

4. Leave yourself a note.

Write down some meaningful quotes or reasons why working out is important and place that quote on your nightstand so that you are forced to read it in the morning. Just incase you decide to pass on working out; this could potentially provide the boost that you need to get out the door.

5. Have a few bites to eat and water. Promise yourself a hearty breakfast when you get back.

Over eating before a workout is NEVER a good idea, but if you eat a little something you will feel stronger. A cup of cold water will then get your metabolism going, and once your workout is over you can reward yourself with coffee or some oatmeal.

6. Make it non-negotiable.

Have a strict no-snooze rule on mornings that you plan on waking up early. Procrastination will motivate you to stay in bed rather than going to workout.

7. Ease into working out in the morning.

If working out early in the morning is not a ritual you partake in on a daily basis then working out 5 days in a row is not the greatest idea. Try waking up earlier and earlier as time goes on and start with working out every other day to acclimate yourself to what it feels like to have training sessions every day.

8. Don’t workout alone.

Having a workout partner will not only allow you and your partner to hold each other accountable, but it is much more fun. It gives you someone to look forward to seeing.

9. Don’t beat yourself up.

To be honest, there is no “ideal” time for a workout. If you feel better working out during a lunch break or after dinner, then don’t feel regretful. A workout is beneficial no matter when it takes place!

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